Welcome to Stonewall Music:   

An Independent Production Company, Recording Label and Recording Studio located  at the Historic Charter House log cabin built in 1900.   


We are pleased to announce the addition of James W. Story, President of JSTO PRODUCTIONS as the new Creative Director of CHARTER HOUSE STUDIOS.  We are very excited with the talent and expertise that James will bring to our production team and recording studio.  More information will be announced soon as it becomes available. 

"Where dreams are free and creativity abounds" ~~ James W. Story 

Stonewall Music was founded in 2002 producing and recording artist in all genres of music.  The focus from the very beginning was and still remains "undeniably good music!" 

Services will include:  Recording Studio available to independent artist, artist recorded and produced on the Stonewall Record Label, JSTO Productions as producer, publisher, artist management and booking services, private vocal and instrumental instructor, studio musicians available for recording and much more.  

Our website will be under construction in the near future with more information available as to the services that will be available.   

The Historic Charter House is now also available on AirBnB for visitors to the Nashville area who want the Nashville Experience (coming soon).  In the meantime it is available for guest visiting Nashville for vacation, the weekend and yes for artist that want to stay on-site while recording their demos or CD's for production purposes. 

A message from: 

Buddy Butts, President of Stonewall Music, Inc. 


All Stonewall Records CD's are available on CDBABY and ITUNES.

Please enjoy the free streaming music of all of our independent artists on our website.

Peace Through Music!

Music.......If you can't whistle, hum, or sing it, it's not music.  It's just obnoxious noise!

james story - creative director - charter house studios

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